Child loss is not an event; it’s an indescribable journey of survival.Out of the Ashes / FB

You may feel very alone right now, but there is an entire network of pregnancy and infant loss community out there eager to support you in your grief journey.  These pages only scratch the surface of resources available to provide you with support.  Our hope is that you are able to find resources that are the right fit for you and your family to begin your journey towards healing and creating your beautiful scar.

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Interactive Journals

This is a workbook written by a mother who lost two babies. After her losses, she felt that the concepts of closure, letting go and moving on made her feel isolated and ashamed.  She created this book as a guide for grieving through connection, belonging, meaning, peace and joy again.  Throughout the book there are self-coaching questions to guide you to new, more liberating perspectives that will allow you to live more wholeheartedly and find some peace, love, and resilience.

This journal was created by a doula after helping her friend deliver her stillborn daughter.  The journal is filled with writing and art projects to assist in expressing one’s feelings and opening one’s heart.  The thoughtful exercises in the journal encourage you to speak your deepest feelings with in an open and unafraid way, practice self-care, and communicate with others.

Children's Books

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing after Loss, 2005, Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen
We were Gonna Have a Baby, but we had an Angel Instead, 2003, Pat Schwiebert
Someone Came Before You, 2007, Pat Schwiebert
The Invisible String, 2000, Patrice Karst


There are hundreds of blogs written for both men and women regarding infant and childloss. A great place to get started finding a blog that speaks to you here.