The Beautiful Scar Project is a non profit organization (501(c)(3) EIN 46-5013559) created by Scott and Kim Woods after their son, Caleb Calvin, was born still on December 12th, 2011.

The Beautiful Scar Project’s mission is to provide families grieving the death of their infant due to miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death the tools to turn the loss of their much loved and desired baby into a beautiful scar.

Any trauma, whether physical or emotional, will create a gaping wound in the person that is traumatized. After that wound bleeds and subsequently scabs over, a scar will be left behind to tell the story of survival. If nurtured properly with education and on-going support, the scar that is left behind will be one of beauty that the bearer will be proud to show off and incorporate into their life story.

For Parents


Layla 1
Layla Campbell

For a parent, there is no greater trauma than the loss of their child. The trauma of the death of an infant can leave not only a large gaping wound but also ruined finances, shattered marriages and families as well as the complete destruction of ones identity in its path. The battlefield of infant loss is littered with broken people who feel alone in a world that tells them to get over their loss; to bury the pain, replace the loss and move on as quickly as possible. For those outside of the “club that no one wants to be a part of” as infant loss is often times referred to as, little is understood of the complete destruction of the bereaved parent’s former life. There is a definitive line in the sand; who they were when their baby was still alive and who they are now that their baby’s heartbeat has ceased to beat. No one can go through a battle of any kind unscathed. The same is true for infant loss.

What We Do


Lincoln 2
Lincoln DeCanio with his mom, Kelly

The Beautiful Scar Project exists to assist newly bereaved parents in the Denver area by providing them with comprehensive information regarding resources available to them to help make eternal care decisions less overwhelming. Additionally, The Beautiful Scar Project’s purpose is to ensure that newly bereaved parents know that they are not alone and that they can and WILL survive the loss of their baby. The infant loss community at large has many ongoing support resources available such as  local support groups, online forums, memorial events, memorial jewelry, photography and portraiture available to bereaved parents. It can be overwhelming to research all of the available options and until now there hasn’t been an informational “hub” to access all of these wonderful resources to determine what will work best for their healing.  The Beautiful Scar Project aims to meet that need and to become the informational “hub” in the Denver Metro Area.